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On this page, we have answered the questions asked by our patients.
Can you get a radiogram while you're pregnant?

No radiography is taken from individuals who are pregnant or suspected of pregnancy, except for urgent medical induction and a request for a doctor.
Can antibiotics and pain killers be used if pregnancy requires an uneasiness in the teeth or surrounding tissue? If a pregnant patient needs local anesthesia during dental treatment, does that adversely affect the pregnancy and the baby?
In pregnancy, local anesthetics can be used with confidence. Also, if pregnancy is required before or after certain procedures, antibiotics derive from penicillin, cephalosporin, and erythromycin; paracetamol derivative painkillers can be prescribed with confidence. Tetracycline, cyprofloxacin, and aminoglycoside drugs are certainly not preferable because they can cause problems in the baby’s teeth and other organs.

In what period should dental treatments be performed in pregnancies?
Shortterm dental therapies can be performed at any time of pregnancy. However, other operations that may be longer and complications should be taken after Week 14. Because in the first trimester (the first 3 months of pregnancy), the baby’s organs develop. In the last trimester (the last 3 months of pregnancy), there is a possibility that the patient may develop syncope and give birth prematurely due to pressure on the main arteries due to vena cava compression syndrome. This is because the uterus is extremely sensitive to external stimuli in this period. For all these reasons, all long-term dental treatments must be performed in trimesters 2 (months 3-6).

Should every Wisdom tooth be towed?

Wisdom tooth, which are completely wafted in the mouth, are comfortably cleanable, without any deep decay formation, and without proper retraction.

Should every buried Wisdom tooth be towed?

Partly sustainable Wisdom tooth
can easily decay because they can’t be easily cleaned, causing various problems such as mouth odor.
The Wisdom tooth which can’t be completely entangled in bone, can damage that tooth over time, or even cause cysts to form around them, based on the roots of the second largest molars. In such cases, they also need to be immediately withdrawn in the event of infection, pain, and abscess, but to be kept under control if there is no shortage and to be filmed if the dentist is required.

Can anyone get implants?

The most important criterion for implanting is the absence of a systemic disorder to prevent the implant from fusing with the bone, and sufficient bone support in the area to be implanted. Also, if a person has a systemic disease that disrupts the healing and is controlled by drugs, there is no obstacle to implant enforcement. The conditions that these patients are given can be treated for implants.

When should the child go to the dentist first?

The first dental examination of children should be performed by the age of 15, after the first female milk is applied.

Why are baby teeth important?
Baby teeth are very important for the child’s healthy growth and development. The child needs healthy baby teeth to perform the chewing function necessary to be able to feed, to be able to speak properly and to have a beautiful smile. The other benefit of baby teeth being healthy is that they keep the teeth   coming in from the bottom, and they keep the teeth moving in the right place over the jaws.

Does the tooth decay infect the mother and child?

Tooth decay is a disease that infects children from mothers. When children are born, they don’t have bruising microorganisms in their mouths. Due to the mother’s false habits, these microorganisms can easily pass from mother to child. For example, the mother’s use of a spoon to control the temperature of the mamma, to control the temperature of the mamma in the bottle from mouth to mouth, to shove it out of the mouth to clear the falling pacifier, to kiss the mouth so close to the mouth of the baby, is a habit that causes the mother to pass the bruising microorganisms into the infant of her own mouth.

What should be considered in a canal-treated tooth?

Until the upper filling of the tooth is completed after the canal treatment, it should be careful not to chew on the tooth, to prevent damage, to prevent pressure from coming into the tooth. During this time, the dentist can prevent excessive strain on the tooth by abrasive from the chewing surface so that the tooth will not break.

When is the canal treatment done?

Treatment to the tooth is given in cases of extreme sensitivity to teeth, cold or heat, spontaneous pain, sudden onset pain at night, and blistering from 100 percent abscess.

How does the use of cigarettes affect your gums?

Cigarettes are known to be a risk factor in the increase of bone loss in gum disease and to reduce the response to tissue treatment. Particularly in patients who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, the success rate for treating gum disease is reported to be low. This is attributed to the negative effect of smoking on intravenous infarction, and to distorting healing.

How are porcelain laminas made?

After the construction of the lamina, the teeth are prepared for porcelain laminas. From the front and cutting surfaces of teeth, most of the time less than 1 millimeter of enamel tissue is removed and measured. With this help, they make porcelain laminas that are almost leaf-thick to the other teeth, and they are also adhered to the teeth with special adhesives that are appropriate color.

Can the outside surface be laminated without cutting at all?

First the status of the available teeth is evaluated. If appropriate, the outer surface could be abrasified with little or no abrasion.

Do bleaching-enabled toothpastes work?

The effects of bleaching-enabled toothpaste vary depending on their content. Toothpastes, which have a high abrasion feature, have in the first place eroded away spots on the surface of the tooth, but for long periods of use have caused abrasions and scratches on the tooth enamel. This may make the teeth look more yellow.

The less abrasive bleaching paste should be used for a period of time, the toothbrush should not be printed, aggressively brushed to make the teeth look whiter.

What age is ideal for starting orthodontic treatment?

There is no ideal age for orthodontic treatment to begin. Teeth can be moved at any age if their external and environmental tissues are healthy. The Turkish orthodontist association recommends that all children pass an orthodontist check, preferably before the age of 7.

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