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During pregnancy, there are some changes to the person’s general health and oral health. The most significant change is the increase in estrogen and progesterone hormone levels. This increase is related to the increase in the accumulation of plaque in teeth.

If the plaque on the teeth is not removed it causes gum infection also known as, gingivitis In pregnancies, this is called “pregnancy gingivitis.” Her gums are red, sensitive,edema and bleeding . If the person has gingivitis, it can be exacerbated during pregnancy and may proceed to periodontitis if not treated.

tumors can also be seen in pregnancies (pregnancy tumour). A pregnancy tumor is an inflammatory lesion that develops by irritation of gum growth. They are usually left to their own. but if they inconvenience the patient, during brushing or other oral hygiene or cause any dysfunction, they should be treated.

In pregnancy, the regular brushing of teeth and doing oral hygiene can prevent pregnancy tumours. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, especially after every meal and before going to bed at night. Cleaning with an interface brush and dental floss should also helps a lot . Acquiring necessary vitamin supplements with balanced nutrition is also important for the continuity of oral hygiene. Dental controls should be on their standart times.

The best period for any dental treatment in pregnancy is betwen the 4th and 6th months, the second trimester period. In emergencies such as severe pain, treatment can be performed at any time of pregnancy. In these cases, the dentist must always contact the person’s gynecologist, as the person may need anesthesia and medication. Possible postings should be left after birth. If there is an operation, the session should be finished as soon as possible.

In this period, it is not appropriate to take radiography during treatment or while identifying dental problems. Treatment can be left after birth if it can be done. If treatment has been treated and failed in a situation that requires intervention, a replay of the treatment should also be left for post birth.

In risky situations involving the mother’s overall health, the approach may be different. When it is inevitable that a radiography is to be diagnosed; although the amount of radiation in dentistry radiographs is minimal and relatively far from the region of the child, it is necessary to use a lead apron to prevent harm to the developing baby.

During pregnancy, there is an environment where teeth can easily decay for various reasons. The reasons why teeth decay more quickly during this period are:

The demand for dessert, junk food in pregnancy increases, and the neglect of toothbrushing after the consumption of such foods causes teeth to decay easily.

After the first months of vomiting, it becomes acidic in the mouth, which creates an environment for the development of dental infections. It’s also aggravating that the mother doesn’t care enough for oral care in the event of vomiting.

Due to the effects of pregnancy hormones (estrogen, progesterone), the mother candidate whose gums bleed more quickly avoids brushing her teeth. This sets the stage for the formation of dental infections

The baby’s tooth development begins in the womb. In pregnancy, the mother must provide a balanced and healthy diet for both her health and the development of her baby’s teeth. Sufficient reception of proteins, vitamins and minerals is required for dental health. It is also necessary to avoid the use of irresponsible medication by the expectant mother. Drugs used may adversely affect the baby’s external and general health and development. The perception that every antibiotic used causes stains on the baby’s teeth is wrong. Tetracyclines are antibiotics that cause coloring in the teeth.

It is important that parents are informed about the infant’s oral and dental health, as well as their nutrition.

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