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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies the alignment of teeth, jawbones, and skull bones to diagnose issues. Orthodontic dental treatment is used to treat the disorders in this system.

Skeletal problems, inconsistent jaw structure, or a misaligned lower jaw may be responsible for orthodontic issues. Bottle and pacifier overuse in childhood, and nail and finger sucking are among the factors that contribute to this outcome.  Such orthodontic issues can also result from the early or late loss of milk teeth.

Orthodontic Treatments Options

It is highly advised to seek professional dental treatment to address jaw or bite problems, non-straight teeth, or any other dental-related issues.

It is more challenging for you to take care of your teeth and gums when they are misaligned. Plaque will eventually start to build up in areas of your mouth that are difficult to clean, which may result in cavities.

These three orthodontic dental treatments, which are currently available, can help patients regain their good oral health.

Fixed orthodontic treatment

The braces’ brackets, bands, and wires—as well as other tools used to hold some teeth in place while others are moved—are known as fixed orthodontic treatment. For instance, fixed appliances that widen the upper jaw are known as palate expanders (maxilla).

Functional/Orthopedic treatment

Functional/Orthopedic treatment appliances to develop the jaw bones while widening the smile are examples of orthopedic treatment. Jaw positioning devices that can help you improve your bite and correct your profile. Myofunctional devices that help correct bad habits and prevent bad bites are known as habit-breakers.

Treatment of Invisaline

Invisalign is a brace-free orthodontic treatment technology to straighten your teeth using customised clear aligners.

Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Applied by Everyone?

All irregularities and their treatments involving the teeth and jaws are included in orthodontics. Your natural teeth are used by an orthodontist or orthodontics specialist to craft a natural and beautiful smile.

Only an ORTHODONTIST should administer orthodontic dental treatment because it requires expert knowledge.


Your child should have their first orthodontic examination at the age of seven. The upper and lower incisors as well as the permanent molars typically erupt during this time. Crossbites, narrow jaws, asymmetries, insufficient room for erupted teeth, and impacted permanent teeth are some of the common issues that can be avoided before they worsen.

Habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and respiratory issues may influence dental development and facial growth in childhood. It’s critical to identify such external factors as soon as possible to ensure a healthy and harmonious growth process.


Teeth lost over time is a contributing factor in some of the orthodontic issues seen in adults. Short-term orthodontic dental treatment (wire treatment) may be necessary to create implants or bridges to replace missing teeth, even if a thorough orthodontic dental treatment is not desired.

There are aesthetic/porcelain bracket options for adult patients to add more excitement to their braces. Another choice is the lingual technique, also known as invisible braces, in which brackets are affixed to the inner surface of the teeth. Another approach for treating simple crowding is the use of transparent appliances.

It is important to remember that straightening crooked teeth by cutting them and using veneer or prosthesis is not a suitable solution if the teeth are healthy and free of caries.

How does the Dental Braces Cost in Turkey manage to be so low?

Turkey’s skilled orthodontists and accredited clinics make it a great place to get metal or invisible braces. You can receive excellent dental braces treatment for a lot less money in Turkey. In Turkey, the price of metal braces typically ranges from $1,000 to $2,000, while the price of invisible braces typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.

The process of braces in Turkey is completely safe and professional. Due to favorable exchange rates and government policies that encourage medical travel, dental braces are inexpensive in Turkey. With expert orthodontic dental treatment in Turkey, you can enjoy your new smile while having your teeth safely straightened.

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