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Digital dentistry; it’s the use of technology devices that cover imaging methods, which allow us to get high-quality images in two or three dimensions, and any other solutions that facilitate medical diagnosis and treatment planning.
In digital dentistry, radiographers have been the unstoppable tools that physicians have frequently used in diagnosis for many years.
Digital Panoramic Radiography
Radiographs are crucial in detecting changes in the teeth and tissues around the teeth. With panoramic radiography, all teeth (plowed or buried) and hard tissues around these teeth can be viewed in a single film. Panoramic radiographies are used to detect the presence of lesions formed at the root of the tooth, such as bruising or fracture, which is difficult to see in the oral examination, in determining the amount of bone loss and loss found in the jawbone.

Radiography is taken from patients before and after all dental procedures. With the technology improving, digitally filming radiographs has reduced the received radiation and improved the image quality. This makes it possible to diagnose and treat the patient properly.
The specialmotion mode makes it possible to capture images even from patients who have larger jaws than normal. Another special mode is to film from children.
It has a calibrated scale, making it easier for physicians, especially in implant applications.
It’s an orthagonal film feature that allows us to see embedded teeth and lesions.
All teeth and surrounding structures can be seen in 2 dimensions on a single radiography.
Allows for the detection of visible formations within the mouth.
These radiographies enable early detection of many diseases.
It saves time because it can be radiographed in a very short time.
These radiographs have DR. systems. This system allows the physician to enlarge or reduce the image in any way he chooses.
Image transfer to CD is also possible via e-mail.

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