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Mouth odor is a problem that directly affects the health and social life of individuals.

Bad breath; it’s an unpleasant odor caused by food residudes that some bacteria occur use food scraps in the mouth. The major cause of this bad smell is the volatile sulfur gas released by dead bacteria. Although mouth odor is often caused by diseases in the mouth, sometimes some systemic diseases can cause breath odor.

Among these diseases: diabetes, kidney and liver diseases, lower and upper respiratory tract infections, digestive system diseases. The odor that these diseases produce in the mouth may be different from the smell caused by the disorders in the mouth. For example, diabetics’ mouths can smell like acetone.

Dental prosthetics, which are not well cleaned, also produce breath odor, which makes the smell of the air feel even more acute.

Saliva plays an important role in removing food residudes that cause smell in the mouth. In prolonged use of some drugs, in diseases involving saliva glands, the flow of saliva decreases in individuals who breathe in their mouths, which creates the basis for the bad mouth smell to appear.

Some of the food we eat may also cause our breath to smell bad. Only cleaning the inside of the mouth isn’t enough to make the smell disappear. For the smell to pass completely, the food that causes the smell has to be completely discarded from the body. The usage of alcohol and tobacco products cause the bad mouth smell. Patients need to give up those habits completely to get rid of the stench of their mouths.

Food scraps that accumulate in the mouth of people who don’t brush their teeth, don’t care about their oral hygiene, and the presence of bacterial plaque that occurs with it, causes mouth odor.

Occasionaly as a result of starvation or infection inside the mouth for long periods cause the bad mouth smell.
Bad mouth smell is particularly appear in the morning. But in healthy individuals with good oral hygiene, the smell that occurs in the morning disappears after brushing the teeth. If a person performs oral hygiene but the smell persists, they must contact a dentist.


First, the cause of the breath must be investigated. Whether the odor is caused by an intraoral cause must be detected by a dentist.
If the smell is caused by an intraoral cause, the origin of the odor must be treated.
Teeth and gums need to be healed, while for that to be maintained, the teeth should be brushed regularly.
Tongue must be brushed, as well as teeth. If the saliva flow is low, it needs to be increased.
The use of mouthwash also helps to remove the bad mouth smell.
If the dentist determines that there is no cause of smell in mouth, the outer mouth should be investigated and should be examinated by specialists.

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