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Which Emergency Dental Treatments Can Be Done During Pregnancy?


  • Dental calculus is formed by the mineralization of food wastes by combining with saliva. It surrounds the tooth and causes destruction in the bone structure of the tooth. Bleeding and tingling complaints may increase due to edema during pregnancy. Especially with the effect of dental stones, these complaints may increase and turn into an inflammatory disease.
  • Unless there is a special situation specified by the obstetrician, it is okay to clean teeth during pregnancy. Moreover, a dental cleaning done by a dentist can greatly reduce the complaints of the expectant mother.
  • Dental film can be taken during pregnancy. The amount of radiation in the dental film is very low. In addition, wearing a lead shirt during filming will prevent the baby from being exposed to x-rays to a great extent.
  • Tooth extraction is the last option preferred in dental treatment. If tooth extraction is mandatory, it is the healthiest period to do it in the second trimester.
  • If root canal treatment is necessary during pregnancy, such as tooth extraction, we can have it done in the second trimester. If a tooth abscess develops without treatment, it may cause systemic infection. This can also cause premature birth.
  • Although teeth whitening can be done, it is appropriate to leave the teeth whitening process until after the birth as it is a non-emergency situation.


What are the Effects of Pregnancy on Dental Health?


Because pregnant women eat more frequently, it is necessary to exert a little more effort to maintain good dental hygiene. During pregnancy, the daily oral hygiene routine should be extended to at least three times. The impact of intraoral cleaning is diminished by the condensed and dwindling saliva. In most pregnant women, eating habits also shift. This is one of the reasons why oral hygiene needs to be given more consideration.


Because of hormonal fluctuations, gingival edema occurs frequently. The doctor manages this pregnancy-related gingival enlargement and, if necessary, treats it with cleaning. Teeth clenching, teeth grinding, and joint pain can all be a result of the sleep quality deteriorating as a pregnancy progresses. Tension and pain in the shoulder, neck, and ear regions may result from clenching.


Dental Treatment During Pregnancy


Dental health is extremely important during pregnancy and directly affects the health of the baby in the womb. That’s why you need to be very careful. Sometimes, a wrong treatment can even bring about the risk of miscarriage. However, the things to be considered about dental health during pregnancy can be explained in three-month periods.

  • First Trimester of Pregnancy:

The first trimester, when the baby’s organs are still in the development stage, is extremely important. Incorrect treatment may cause some negativities in the baby’s organ development. Especially if it is an unnecessary intervention, dangerous situations can be observed that unfortunately result in the loss of the baby. Then, what should be paid attention to can be listed as follows.

If the expectant mother feels intense pain, she can go to a dentist by consulting her obstetrician in case of urgent ailments such as tooth extraction and root canal treatment. The most important point here is to have these procedures done with the knowledge of your specialist doctor who monitors your pregnancy process. A specialist physician can guide you best about procedures that may be harmful to the baby.

Especially gum infections should not be neglected. This is because it can affect the baby’s health too much. With the recommendations of your obstetrician, the dentist will perform the treatment in a way that is most accurate for you and least harmful to the baby, perhaps by zeroing the damage.

  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy:

Pregnancy’s first three months are incredibly challenging. Acids that enter the mouth as a result of nausea and vomiting erode tooth enamel and result in decay. Expectant mothers may also ignore oral care throughout this phase. Cleaning dental calculus during this time will be very good for your oral health throughout pregnancy.

In addition, the second trimester is the most accurate process for treatments that cannot be delayed such as tooth extraction, root canal treatment and filling. Of course, provided that you get information from your obstetrician before any intervention in this time period.

  • Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

The dentist does not act unless it is extremely urgent, even though this time is at least as dangerous as the first trimester of pregnancy.


Can I whiten my teeth while pregnant?


Teeth whitening can be done while pregnant, but your doctor may recommend waiting until postpartum for most non-urgent dental treatments. Teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments should be avoided, especially in the third trimester, as lying still while the whitening gel is applied and cured can be uncomfortable. If you use a home teeth whitening kit, you should make sure to check that the hydrogen peroxide concentration is not more than six percent. Higher concentrations can potentially cause tissue damage unless administered by a specialist.


Can I have orthodontic treatment while pregnant?


If you are already undergoing orthodontic treatment, you should not quit just because you are pregnant. You can even wear new braces during your pregnancy, but your dentist or orthodontist may recommend waiting until after delivery as complications can sometimes occur.

Getting braces requires X-rays that your doctor may want to avoid in the first trimester. If your face and mouth change shape when you gain weight during your pregnancy, this may mean that your braces need to be adjusted or new impressions of your teeth need to be taken to create a new set of aligners.

Some women experience swelling of their gums and other facial tissues during pregnancy, which can sometimes cause irritation from wires and brackets. Your dentist or orthodontist can provide safe gels to numb the pain, or you can opt for removable plastic aligners if you just need to fix a minor orthodontic issue.


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