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The majority of European nations that altered their health systems in response to the financial crisis do not provide dental care for their residents. Particularly if they have expensive dental prostheses and dental implants created in their own nation, state and private insurances do not pay the cost of prostheses and implants. These implants and prostheses must be purchased by the patient.

The inhabitants of this nation can choose Istanbul for their dental treatment due to the high costs of dental care overseas.

A visitor to Istanbul will see that the total cost of expenses, including lodging, transportation, and dental care, is less than the cost of just dental care in any European country as a result of the rapid expansion of health tourism. They also have the chance to visit our nation, which is stunning because to its history, geography, and natural beauty,

In all specialties of dentistry, they get the best treatment they can reach in a dental hospital with all the equipment and facilities, under the most favorable conditions. Instead of living rooms, they spend their days in Istanbul, a city with touristic, historical and natural beauties.

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism refers to seeking dental care while traveling or traveling outside of your home country. Dental patients travel for a variety of reasons, including potential financial gains and the ability to combine their needs for vacation and medical care.

While the treatment costs of dental diseases are still an important factor today, many tourists turn this situation into an opportunity to see exotic and touristic places. While getting a quality treatment service at affordable costs, it turns the situation into an advantage by visiting touristic places and receiving treatment services.

How Does Dental Tourism Work?

How to travel for dental care is one of the commonly requested issues. Naturally, there can be a few outliers. With a few exceptions, we can succinctly sum up how the process works as follows:

  • The patient chooses a medical facility to whom he or she sends the panoramic x-ray or other examinations necessary for the treatment. In a digital setting, sending is simple to do.
  • The dentist considers the results of the incoming examination and the health issue when creating a treatment plan.
  • The person seeking dental health care is advised of the intended procedure, the total cost, and the anticipated length of the procedure.
  • If the patient agrees, an appointment is set up, and they arrange their travel so that they can make it.
  • In the meanwhile, it should be remembered that not every patient’s dental tourism treatment will last the same amount of time. While some treatments take a week or longer, others can be finished in as little as a few days. This is because treatment length is decided upon as part of the treatment planning process. Patients who will travel internationally can thereby make well-informed travel arrangements.

Estetik Dental Group Health Tourism Treatment Processes

When you contact Estetik Dental for the first time, our patient coordinators listen to your needs and concerns and our ‘tele dentist’ team provides a video call with you. In this way, wherever you are, you can meet our expert staff before you come to Estetik Dental.

Some documents related to your medical history, such as your previous x-rays, photos of your old treatment records and teeth, if any, will be requested from you by our teledentist team. After our physicians review the information you have sent, our patient coordinator schedules a meeting between you and our dentists. Your doctor shares their findings with you and together you decide on the best way to meet your dental health goals.

After your dentist and you agree to the necessary procedures, the estimated costs are reviewed with you and your dental treatment is planned. In the next stage, our patient coordinators will assist you in creating your travel and accommodation plan. When you arrive at the airport, your driver and shuttle will be waiting at the airport to take you to your hotel.

Is Dental Tourism Safe in Turkey?

Turkey works with state-of-the-art dental hospitals to improve the quality of care for their patients. Dentists who are experts in their fields help their guests from all over the world for dental tourism in Turkey. You can choose Istanbul for dental tourism with more affordable prices than European countries, and you can also visit the city while having dental treatment.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implant Tourism in Turkey

When compared to many other nations, Turkey offers various advantages in the sector of dental tourism. First of all, it needs to be stressed that the dental implant procedures used in our nation are of the same caliber as those used in European nations. However, in our nation, prices are more affordable.

Even this point alone can make Turkey advantageous. Of course, while receiving dental implant treatment services in Turkey, it is also an attractive option for vacation and travel. With its natural beauties, historical places and unique culture, we can briefly list the pros of Turkey, which has always been an attractive country, in terms of dental tourism:

  • The medical equipment utilized in dental procedures in Turkey is of a comparable caliber to that used in European nations. Devices that have received FDA or CE approval and are widely accepted are used in our nation.
  • The cost of treatment is very affordable. Dental procedures can cost far more in European nations than they do in the United States. The most recent studies indicate that Turkish dental care costs are 50% less than those abroad.
  • Foreign insurance firms abroad promote Turkey because of the lower cost of care.
  • Those who desire to receive treatment in Turkey have a relatively short waiting period. When travelers do not have to wait weeks for an appointment, they may plan their trip as soon as possible and take advantage of the service.
  • The advantages also include the fact that there are many ways to travel to Turkey and lower travel expenses, as well as the fact that the products used in dentistry there are branded.
  • With the material report card, patients can at any moment continue their therapy in their own nation.
  • Turkish dentists’ professional achievement is regarded as another key benefit. Many travelers claim that a relative of theirs received excellent dental care in Turkey, so they change their travel plans to travel to Turkey for dental care.

Although the benefits of dental implants far outweigh the disadvantages, no procedure can be right for everyone. The cons of Turkey in dental treatment:

  • In order to have a dental implant, you must first meet certain criteria. Because the procedure involves fixing the implant to your jawbone, a dental implant cannot be applied if you have suffered significant bone loss as a result of your tooth loss.
  • Another disadvantage of dental implants is that the process takes a long time. After the implants are placed, there is a long process required for them to heal. Some patients may find the long process a disadvantage because they may want to start eating normally and smiling naturally.
  • Permanence of dental implants can also turn into a disadvantage. It is not possible to remove the implant.

Why is Dental Treatment Cheap in Turkey?

One of the few places in Europe with a low cost of living is Turkey. Turkish dental tourism is more affordable than dental travel to the UK or other parts of Europe mostly because of reduced operational expenses overall, including laboratory charges and dentist fees.

The cost of treatment is really reasonable. Dental procedures can cost far more in European nations than they do in the United States. Recent studies have found that dental care costs in Turkey are 50% less than those elsewhere. Your local travel expenses will be kept to a minimum thanks to our services (free lodging and transportation). A dental specialist’s initial consultation will also be provided without charge.

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